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Craft beer exploded in the 2000’s after being a part time hobby of people brewing in their basements or an obscure bar. There was a large group of people sharing recipes on niche logs. Funny words like “brettanomyees” or “hoppy-ness” being used to describe the beer.

Washington DC RestaurantCity Tap Kitchen & Craft found their niche and opened nine restaurants on the East Coast beginning with their flagship restaurant in Philadelphia in 2010. The one on 901 I St. NW in Washington, DC has a loyal following and gets great reviews on the internet.

City Tap Kitchen and Craft takes the guess work out of ordering a craft beer. For those who feel intimidated ordering a craft beer, they have designed a lengthy list with dozens of choices. This list is categorized by the style of the beer and you get a detailed flavor description.

They are just as fussy about their food as they are their beer. Their Lead Executive Chef, Ian Branning oversees the menu for each restaurant. He tries to blend regional favorites into his own creations to make them refreshing and daring.Washington DC Restaurant Media

When you go there, be sure to try their spicy-sweet Ten Spice Wings or their spicy Shrimp and Grits. Using only locally sourced ingredients, they can bake you an amazing pizza, or grill you up one of their famous burgers. You can be as adventurous of an eater as you want and will find everything on the menu delicious. Don’t forget to cheer on the Redskins on Sundays with their twenty-one-dollar Touchdown Buckets.

Washington DC Restaurant MexicanTaqueria Habaner got its roots in Puebla, Mexico. Husband and wife, Dio and Mirna, emigrated to the United States twenty years ago. They landed in Washington, DC and never looked back. They worked in many DC restaurants learning English and developing culinary skills.

Located at 3710 14th Street in Washington, DC, Dio and Mirna put all their love and sweat into their restaurant. Waking early in the morning to hand prepare their tortillas from scratch as well as their marinades and sauces.

Their Mexican style of cooking is authentic pueblan style. As mentioned before they are from Puebla, Mexico. This culinary style of cooking dates back to the Mesoamerican age. Known as one of the first places to cultivate maize, pueblan cooking is fragrant leaves wrapped around meat then placed in the ground to be roasted. It could also be braised in tomatillos and tomatoes. They can use Pumpkin seeds in any way possible and use a French-influenced bread culture. Don’t forget the chocolate-tinged sauce called mole.

They have over six hundred and sixty-five reviews that give them a four-point-five rating on the world wide web.

Pennsylvania 6 DC is in the heart of Downtown Washington, DC. They offer an upscale twist on American dishes that are contemporary and innovative. Their Raw Bar is marble topped and displays the freshest seafood that is shipped in daily. You can review their oyster selection before settling on the plate you want.Washington DC Restaurant Picture

Pennsylvania 6 DC has an array of wines and one of the finest Sommeliers in Washington, DC, you can sit and sip some of the finest wines before dinner. If you are not a wine drinker, try some of their classic handcrafted cocktails.

This luxurious place features leather-backed chairs and white oak stained walls. There is a fire place to sit by when the weather is cool to warm the soles of your feet. They also offer private dinning for your next event whether it be a birthday or business meeting.

Be sure to add your positive post online to add to their over four-star rating.

Washington DC Hood CleaningAll of the above restaurants know that it is important to have a good hood cleaning done on a quarterly basis. Grease can build up in the filters and vents causing a fire hazard.

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