Three Great Restaurants in the Bay Area, California

Bay Area California Restaurant

The San Francisco Bay Area encompasses six thousand nine hundred and sixty-six square miles. The population in 2017 was over seven and a half million people. The earliest evidence of people living in the Bay Area goes back to 3000 BC.

Briefly controlled by Mexico in 1821, the territory was bought by the United States in 1846. Shortly after, gold was discovered and in came the gold miners in droves. They used many points in the Bay Area as a way to come into the state to seek their fortune.

Industries in the Bay Area include automotive, electronics, aerospace/defense and apparel. The average income is the highest in the national for about $118,400 for a family. With over two thousand five hundred restaurants in the area, the competition is pretty high. As a matter of fact, 2017 was one of the hardest years for restaurant owner and many have been forced to close down.

Here are three very different restaurants in the Bay Area.

Bay Area CA RestaurantHomeroom Mac & Cheese was the brain child of Erin Wade on a rainy evening who got a mad craving for mac and cheese. Realizing there were no restaurants that really serviced great mac and cheese, Erin dug out her father’s old recipe and started to make it.

As Erin sat there eating her mac and cheese, she decided to open up a restaurant that service amazing mac and cheese. Erin put her law degree on a shelf and decided to pursue her crazy dream.

Erin recruited long-time friend to build this crazy dream of hers. Together they built the restaurant, on 400 40th Street, to look like a funky schoolhouse, named it Homeroom after a class one takes in school and even made the tables out of old bleachers from a local high school.

All of their sweat a blood paid off when they opened the restaurant on Valentine’s Day 2011. They now have over one hundred employees and are a local favorite. They have over thirteen hundred online reviews giving them a four-point-five-star rating.

Perle Wine Bar is located in the Montclair Community of the Bay Area. As a child, Chef Rob Lam’s family moved to Southern California after the fall of Saigon. Growing up, he helped out in his mother’s restaurant gradually from the Culinary Institute of America in New York and the University of San Francisco. Chef Lamb bought the former Butterfly on the waterfront of Pier 33 in 2009.Bay Area California Restaurants MediaBay Area CA Restaurants

The other owner/founder of Perle Wine Bar is Certified Sommelier, Marcus Garcia. Honing his skills in in some of the most prime restaurants in the Bay Area.

Perle Wine Bar has Happy Hour Tuesdays through Friday from five to six in the evening. On Monday’s they feature football and prime rib. One menu to choose from starting with Soup A L’oignon or Baby Field Green Salad or Avocado Toast. Then choose either Persillad Crusted Prime Rib or Salmon. They have only seventy-four reviews on the world wide web, but it gives them almost a five-star rating.

Co-Founder of Belcampo, Anya Fernald, created Belcampo with clean food and the environment in mind. They founded a 25,000-acre farmland and created their own supply chain. They use their own animals that are fed from the natural foods grown on their farm.

With eight restaurants in California, their place in Jack London Square in the Bay Area, they have ninety-three posts giving them four-stars.

Bay Area Hood Cleaning has been serving the Bay Area for years. Responsible restaurant owners or managers should know that they should have a hood cleaning at least once per three months. Grease and grime can built up in every area of the kitchen and can become a health hazard if it is not pressured washed or scrapped.

Every commercial restaurant has an exhaust hood system that filters out the smoke, air, odors and grease that can accumulate in their kitchen. Proper hood cleaning reduces fire risk and contamination.