Reviews ofThree Great Italian Restaurants in Phoenix Arizona

Maui Pasta, located at the Shops at Gainey Ranch, got its humble beginnings on the island of Maui.  Executive Chef Patricia Inman was in two year studying pasta making and creating true Italian dishes.  She started making the pasta in her home to raise money for daughter who wanted to go on a school trip.

It got wildly popular with the locals and before she knew it, she and her husband Ron started selling it at Farmer’s Markets.  They expanded their business by creating and selling homemade baked goods, sauces and desserts.  By 2015, their Factory Store and Take-Out Restaurant was opened.  As an accountant, Ron ran the operations.

Sadly, Ron passed away nine months later.  Patricia was surrounded with amazing friends and support and was able to keep the restaurant going.  One of the employees, Debra Lynch, became Patricia’s new partner in the business.

In the meantime, Patricia developed an internet relationship through a support group with Stephen Hochhaus whose wife had passed away from cancer in 2011.  Their friendship bloomed into a romance and they were married.

When an electrical fire damaged the restaurant, they had to move.  When they could not find a suitable place on Maui, they decided to move to Phoenix and open a Maui Pasta there.

Today, they are still making their own mascarpone and ricotta cheeses as well as their sauces.  There are no preserves added so the flavor is fresh.  This has contributed to tall he positive posts online.

La Piazza PHX, located at 1 N 1st Street, bakes the traditional Neapolitan Pizza.  Their second location is in Glendale.

Using the true Neapolitan pizza style, they use only San Marzano tomatoes and plum tomatoes to make their sauce.  The Flour is a call 00 Italian and their dough is made daily.  The cheese, Mozzarella di Bufala, is also made daily

They brick style oven is fashioned after a six-thousand-pound oven that is specially made in Italy.  It fires up to nine hundred degrees to cook the pizza in only ninety seconds.

La Piazza PHX boasts that they are a VPN Certified Neapolitan Pizzeria.  They are members of the True Neapolitan Pizza Association which was founded in Naples, Italy in June 1984.  VPN stands for Verace Pizza Napoletana or True Napoletana Pizza.  This non-profit group is recognized worldwide.

Not all pizza’s need to be perfectly round with the perfect crust.  The crust will char, however, since they have over eleven hundred raving internet posts, I am sure their taste makes up the difference.

Located just twelve and one-half miles east of Phoenix is DeFalco’s Italian Eatery in Scottsdale, Arizona.  They are also a grocery store and delicatessen.

Emigrating from Abuzzi, Italy in 1903 to Toronto, Canada, the DeFalco family opened the first DeFalco Italian Grocery.  After he grew up, John moved to Michigan where he met Dora DeAngelis.  Years before, the DeAngelis family emigrated to the United States.  After they married, they opened and ran an Inn where Dora created pasta dishes and John made sausage.

Their son, Jerry and his wife, Judith, ran DeFalco’s Italian Eatery when Dora and John retired.  Their son eventually took over.  Using recipes over one hundred years old contributes to their success with over sixteen hundred rave reviews on the world wide web.

Pressure Washing Las Vegas

There is a ton of dust here in the desert of the Las Vegas valley.  Especially on the outlying areas like Anthem, Summerlin and Southern Highlands.  Patio furniture and outside exteriors of homes can collect dust rather quickly especially when spring time comes and the plants and trees start to bloom.  This is an excellent time to have a professional pressure washing team come and clean all of your outdoor areas.

During the washing process, things like lounge covers, chair covers, umbrellas and even barbecues can be redeemed back to their original look.  What is a really good use of pressure washing is when it is used on you landscaping pavers or concrete patios.  When those types of areas get a good dose of pressure washing, they can bring a backyard back to life really quick.  It is truly remarkable what a professional washing service can do as it can lift the value of a property immediately.  Think about it, if you are looking at a pristine, spotlessly clean home or a run down, filled with stains on the driveway property.  Which one would you prefer.  It really is a simple solution to a major eye sore.

Pressure washing also comes in handy when a vehicle has a liquid spill on a driveway or even on the street in front of the property.  Those stains really age a property and it only takes a little bit of pressure washing to clean them right up and make the property look excellent again.

Graffiti is a major problem in many parts of the Las Vegas valley and doing a good pressure washing job can remove 99% of the graffiti in most cases.  Neighborhoods that have been tagged should really take care of that sort of a problem with a good pressure washing as soon as possible.  Leaving graffiti sitting around brings negativity and property values down.  It also promotes the thugs behavior that originally decided to tag up a neighborhood.

Not only is pressure washing an excellent solution for cleaning up dirty areas, but it works great when it is used to restore older parts of a property.  From time to time things like wood fences or wood decks need to be stripped down utilizing the specialized washing service so that they can either be re painted or stained to bring them back to their natural beauty.  If you took the amount of time to try and strip wood surfaces on your own you might realize very quickly that it is much easier to have them stripped using a specialized cleaning system rather than do it yourself.

Another major reason to implement a pressure washing system into your regiment is the cleaning factor that it can provide.  Almost all of the City of Henderson and City of North Las Vegas are now using the powerful washing system on all of their park benches and children’s swing, monkey bars and other play areas.  This can really help cut down on spreading germs that children are so very famous for doing.

The commercial cleaning aspect of pressure washing systems can assist in the interior cleaning of fast food restaurants like McDonald’s and Chic Filet.  Think about their interior play areas for the children and what a must it is to have those cleaned regularly.  Pressure washing has so many different uses and it is mainly important to use a professional that is trained in utilizing the correct pressure along with the eco friendly cleaning solutions.  The guys over at Las Vegas Pressure Washer Pros have all the equipment and cleaning solutions to get your next job done right.

Great Restaurants in Washington, DC

Craft beer exploded in the 2000’s after being a part time hobby of people brewing in their basements or an obscure bar.  There was a large group of people sharing recipes on niche logs.  Funny words like “brettanomyees” or “hoppy-ness” being used to describe the beer.

City Tap Kitchen & Craft found their niche and opened nine restaurants on the East Coast beginning with their flagship restaurant in Philadelphia in 2010.  The one on 901 I St. NW in Washington, DC has a loyal following and gets great reviews on the internet.

City Tap Kitchen and Craft takes the guess work out of ordering a craft beer.  For those who feel intimidated ordering a craft beer, they have designed a lengthy list with dozens of choices.  This list is categorized by the style of the beer and you get a detailed flavor description.

They are just as fussy about their food as they are their beer.  Their Lead Executive Chef, Ian Branning oversees the menu for each restaurant.  He tries to blend regional favorites into his own creations to make them refreshing and daring.

When you go there, be sure to try their spicy-sweet Ten Spice Wings or their spicy Shrimp and Grits.  Using only locally sourced ingredients, they can bake you an amazing pizza, or grill you up one of their famous burgers.  You can be as adventurous of an eater as you want and will find everything on the menu delicious.  Don’t forget to cheer on the Redskins on Sundays with their twenty-one-dollar Touchdown Buckets.

Taqueria Habaner got its roots in Puebla, Mexico.  Husband and wife, Dio and Mirna, emigrated to the United States twenty years ago. They landed in Washington, DC and never looked back.  They worked in many DC restaurants learning English and developing culinary skills.

Located at 3710 14th Street in Washington, DC, Dio and Mirna put all their love and sweat into their restaurant.  Waking early in the morning to hand prepare their tortillas from scratch as well as their marinades and sauces.

Their Mexican style of cooking is authentic pueblan style.  As mentioned before they are from Puebla, Mexico.  This culinary style of cooking dates back to the Mesoamerican age.  Known as one of the first places to cultivate maize, pueblan cooking is fragrant leaves wrapped around meat then placed in the ground to be roasted.  It could also be braised in tomatillos and tomatoes.  They can use Pumpkin seeds in any way possible and use a French-influenced bread culture.  Don’t forget the chocolate-tinged sauce called mole.

They have over six hundred and sixty-five reviews that give them a four-point-five rating on the world wide web.

Pennsylvania 6 DC is in the heart of Downtown Washington, DC.  They offer an upscale twist on American dishes that are contemporary and innovative.  Their Raw Bar is marble topped and displays the freshest seafood that is shipped in daily.  You can review their oyster selection before settling on the plate you want.

Pennsylvania 6 DC has an array of wines and one of the finest Sommeliers in Washington, DC, you can sit and sip some of the finest wines before dinner.  If you are not a wine drinker, try some of their classic handcrafted cocktails.

This luxurious place features leather-backed chairs and white oak stained walls.  There is a fire place to sit by when the weather is cool to warm the soles of your feet.  They also offer private dinning for your next event whether it be a birthday or business meeting.

Be sure to add your positive post online to add to their over four-star rating.

Three Great Restaurants in the Bay Area, California

The San Francisco Bay Area encompasses six thousand nine hundred and sixty-six square miles.  The population in 2017 was over seven and a half million people.  The earliest evidence of people living in the Bay Area goes back to 3000 BC.

Briefly controlled by Mexico in 1821, the territory was bought by the United States in 1846.  Shortly after, gold was discovered and in came the gold miners in droves.  They used many points in the Bay Area as a way to come into the state to seek their fortune.

Industries in the Bay Area include automotive, electronics, aerospace/defense and apparel.  The average income is the highest in the national for about $118,400 for a family.  With over two thousand five hundred restaurants in the area, the competition is pretty high.  As a matter of fact, 2017 was one of the hardest years for restaurant owner and many have been forced to close down.

Here are three very different restaurants in the Bay Area.

Homeroom Mac & Cheese was the brain child of Erin Wade on a rainy evening who got a mad craving for mac and cheese.  Realizing there were no restaurants that really serviced great mac and cheese, Erin dug out her father’s old recipe and started to make it.

As Erin sat there eating her mac and cheese, she decided to open up a restaurant that service amazing mac and cheese.  Erin put her law degree on a shelf and decided to pursue her crazy dream.

Erin recruited long-time friend to build this crazy dream of hers.  Together they built the restaurant, on 400 40th Street, to look like a funky schoolhouse, named it Homeroom after a class one takes in school and even made the tables out of old bleachers from a local high school.

All of their sweat a blood paid off when they opened the restaurant on Valentine’s Day 2011.  They now have over one hundred employees and are a local favorite.  They have over thirteen hundred online reviews giving them a four-point-five-star rating.

Perle Wine Bar is located in the Montclair Community of the Bay Area.  As a child, Chef Rob Lam’s family moved to Southern California after the fall of Saigon.  Growing up, he helped out in his mother’s restaurant gradually from the Culinary Institute of America in New York and the University of San Francisco.   Chef Lamb bought the former Butterfly on the waterfront of Pier 33 in 2009.

The other owner/founder of Perle Wine Bar is Certified Sommelier, Marcus Garcia.  Honing his skills in in some of the most prime restaurants in the Bay Area.

Perle Wine Bar has Happy Hour Tuesdays through Friday from five to six in the evening.  On Monday’s they feature football and prime rib.  One menu to choose from starting with Soup A L’oignon or Baby Field Green Salad or Avocado Toast.  Then choose either Persillad Crusted Prime Rib or Salmon.  They have only seventy-four reviews on the world wide web, but it gives them almost a five-star rating.

Co-Founder of Belcampo, Anya Fernald, created Belcampo with clean food and the environment in mind.  They founded a 25,000-acre farmland and created their own supply chain.  They use their own animals that are fed from the natural foods grown on their farm.

With eight restaurants in California, their place in Jack London Square in the Bay Area, they have ninety-three posts giving them four-stars.